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    Necessities  &  Accessories

 The Melodious  &  The Harmonic

Piano lamps, covers, benches, bench cushions, micro fiber polishing cloths, polish, metronomes, humidifing systems, damp chasers, electronic disk players, replacement parts for all actions, tuning levers and tools, etc. 

Phone consultations and advice are helpful, friendly, and free.  I am very happy to help you with any piano related problem or question you may have.

Yearly tuning and check ups are very important to the health of your instrument.  A well tuned, regulated, maintained, piano will bring certain happiness to the players and their audiences.

This is my specialty, I have 35 years of technical experience at your ready and I am ready to help you now. My service area covers Contra Costa, Solano, and Alameda county and I can be reached Monday thru Sunday. 

Peter Marks

(925) 323-7722.



There is nothing sweeter then a beautiful melody and the sweet harmonies that accompany it. What kind of world would this be without music? We all know the answer, so we do our best, to bring sweetness into the world with whatever our skill specialties may be.       This is how I do it.

    I  am  not  a  pianist  I  am  a   technician 

Understanding the theory, mechanics, and physics of how a piano should function and sound, then applying it to the piano, is my way of bringing enjoyment to others thru my work.  In turn, their playing brings enjoyment to their family and friends and spreads love through the world one piano at a time.

My love for pianos stems from the  beauty that is inherent in this magnificent instrument. Read my inspirational verse on the "about us " page.

A-440 PIANO SERVICE in Walnut Creek, California, offers comprehensive services for all types of pianos, including piano tuning, piano repairs, piano appraisals, piano restoration and transactions. My name is Peter Marks; I'm a piano technician dedicated to bringing life and energy into your precious instrument. My goal is the same as your goal — being satisfied! I want to be happy with the service I provide to you, and I'm positive that you want to be happy for that same reason. I'm confident that my experience and guidance will answer any questions or hesitation you may have regarding any part of my service.

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